About the Business Linkt Integration

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Increase the effectiveness in streamlining your customers experience by providing your customers with an intuitive means, enabling them to access their online member portal. 

Your customers no longer have a static membership card, nor do they need to install an app from iOS/Android and everything contextually relevant is available to them. 

The Business Linkt Integration for businesses empower customers and gives them control all within their smartphone just from scanning their custom membership card. The Business Linkt QR code card facilitates the realisation of integrated benefits and serves as a gateway to securely access information anytime, anywhere that is contextually relevant to the customer.  

Elinkt’s solution enables easy application integration with your on-premises system through an API-led connectivity platform; promoting the service-oriented adaptation of native legacy systems, constituting a customisable mechanism for the dynamic generation of Web Services on top of the data sources of these systems.

Furthermore; you need not to worry about the limitation of accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-read information provided because we design a custom user-friendly interface that permits an engaging and contextual experience across all customer touch points.

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Enable customers to intuitively access their online member portal.

Deliver a connected journey with your customers.

Modernise your existing legacy systems.

Accessible anywhere.

About the Business Linkt Card

The Business Linkt card has a characteristic “metallic black” look. Highly effective laser processing produces a clearly legible high-quality marking with great contrast. 

Elinkt supplies the Business Linkt cards to the organisation, ready for customer distribution. A simple activation and password set up process is required once a customer receives their custom Business Linkt card.

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At the time of generating the QR (quick response) code, Elinkt has established a secure smart-link integration via the Elinkt API connection, enabling customers to view and update their content just from scanning their custom Business Linkt card. 

The QR code is password protected ensuring that if anyone tries scanning a membership card, they will be required to enter the users password and/or a two-factor authentication (2FA) token.

About the Business Linkt Online Portal

The Business Linkt online portal is completely customisable for any industry type. Organisations already having some sort of a Customer Relationship Management tool would have an advantage.

A complete digital experience; customers can seamlessly access their online portal, update their information and be in control at all times. Build a stronger relationship with your customer, providing greater personalisation and achieving operational efficiency.

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Elinkt enables easy application integration with your on-premises system through Elinks robust API connection.

Customers access their Business Linkt online portal by scanning their custom membership card using their smartphone, and won’t be required to install an app from the iOS or Android stores.