Australian Shepherd Logo C1 GRF
Hunter Profile GRF01

QR Code Reference No.: LW5639

Owner(s) Name: AndrXX XXXXXXX

Date of Birth: 05/01/2019

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Microchip No.: 98XXXXXXXXXX

Sex: Male

Sterilization Status: Not Neutered

Medication: None

Allergy Alert: MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistance 1)

Australian Shepherd Logo C1 GRF

If you find me; please Phone, SMS or WhatsApp my HUMAN. 

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North Rand Road Animal Hospital

+27 11 918 5069

152 North Rand Rd, Klipfontein 83-Ir, Boksburg, 1459

Alternative Contact

John McCready

+27 71 635 6200