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Dear Leandre

Sending wishes your way for you to have a lovely day and a fabulous year filled with success, joy and love, all of which you deserve.

A day just for you, do everything you love smile big, laugh loud and have the best day ever.

Everyday you sparkle but today you rule; Happy Birthday!L

Happy 16th Birthday to the MOST

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Daughter I know !!!


[burth-dey] noun

[1] nature’s way of telling us to eat cake [2] how old? [3] an abundance of messages [4] a celebration of excess, free of judgment [5] a day to celebrate you [6] growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional [7] the anniversary of one’s birth; congratulations [8] happy birthday

See also: guilty pleasure


[daw-ter] noun

[1] a mothers treasure and pride [2] a gift of love [3] kind, sweet and caring [4] an extension to yourself [5] someone who makes every day beautiful [6] a little girl who grows up to be your best friend [7] someone you laugh with and dream with [8] a daughter might outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart

See also: sunshine mixed with a hurricane


[muhth-er] noun

[1] maker of magical memories [2] general home manager [3] lie detector [4] a woman who loves you unconditionally [5] one you can count on before anyone else [6] expert in negotiation techniques [7] personal hygiene expert [8] your continual support and a best friend for life

See also: supermom, saint 

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