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Easily share your details and business page!

Elinkt my business offers you one unique business card containing a QR code and an online business page. The elinkt QR code printed on your unique business card can be scanned by a smartphone and automatically presents your online business profile, individual / company bio, smart links and business website to your colleagues, network and business prospects.

Smart link integration enables an individual to store your contacts directly to their phone, Skype, call, social follow, WhatsApp and email you all from their smartphone scanning your business card. Through the Elinkt domain, we can too build you an online responsive single-page if don’t have a website.  

Smart link integration . Social media . Online business profile . domain . Personal & business bio . + MORE

My Business Package

The online business profile profile package is digitally linked to your business pendant and/or card.

Online Business Profile

Included with your digital enabled business pendant purchase 

ZAR 45.00 / USD 3.00

Per month


ZAR 560.00 / USD 37.50

Per year

  • Profile picture
  • Business bio
  • Contact smart link integration
  • vcard integration
  • Social media smart link integration
  • Interactive map location feature
  • Product show case gallery

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