About the Pets Linkt Tag

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Tag your pet with the Pet Linkt Tag!

The Pet Linkt tag is a unique tag, providing key information to the person who found your furry friend, allowing them to get in touch with you directly, the assigned alternative contact person and your vet by scanning the Elinkt QR code with their smartphone placed on the back of the Pet Linkt tag. 

Each Pet Linkt tag contains a unique QR code reference number placed at the bottom of the QR code image, and by entering the QR reference number on the Elinkt’s homepage, your online pet profile page loads.

The online pet profile page loads without having to install an app from the iOS and Android stores.

Through our innovative design Elinkt has included interactive features like, important pet bio information, direct call, SMS, WhatsApp and a map location to the veterinarian. 

Furthermore; you need not to worry about the limitation of accurate, comprehensive, and easy-to-read information provided because we have personally designed the online Pet Linkt profile features suiting all individual needs.

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Phone, SMS or WhatsApp the pet owner.

Phone the assigned alternative contact person or the vet. 

Locate the vet using an interactive map.

Accessible anywhere.

About the Online Pet's Profile

The online pet profile page is an interactive page presenting key information; the page contains your pet profile picture, their name, QR code reference number, microchip number (if available), owner’s name, an alternative contact person and vet information, which is all accessible by scanning the Elinkt QR code using a smartphone or by entering the QR reference number on Elinkt’s homepage. 

The person who found your missing pet can access your online pet’s profile page directly from their smartphone, enabling them to call, SMS and WhatsApp you, get in touch with the assigned alternative contact or call as well as locate your vet, all from your online pet profile page.

How to Get Started

After purchasing the Pet Linkt tag, follow the steps below to successfully create and activate the Pet Linkt tag and the online Pet Linkt profile page. 

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If you need any assistance; please email the Elinkt team at hello@elinkt.net or visit the help section below.

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The Pet Linkt profile demo can be accessed by scanning the QR code below using your smartphone camera or by selecting on the ‘Demo’ graphic. The demo page is web-based; allowing you to interact with the demo without you having to install any apps to your mobile device.

 To view and purchase Pet Linkt products, you can select the ‘Shop’ graphic below.

If you have any enquires, please complete the Contact Us form below and an Elinkt team member will be in touch.

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An email address will be required upon submitting a request for verification and feedback from the Elinkt team.