Medical ID Alert Necklace – Thin Chain Oval Pendant

Made to order
Materials: Stainless steel
Necklace length: 60cm
Pendant shape: Oval
Pendant size: 3cm x 2cm
Placement engraving: Front and back
Customisation: On request

ZAR: 380,00
USD: 25,33

Local shipping: ZAR 99.00
International shipping: DHL or your own preferred courier company


The stainless steel medical alert necklace is digital enabled, hand-made in South Africa high-grade stainless steel (316) which is strong, corrosion-resistant and low allergy metal.

The caduceus medical symbol is fiber engraved on the front of the medical ID pendant and the QR code is on the back.

What makes this medical alert necklace unique is the QR code; a means of communicating medical ICE and alert information digitally from the back of the pendant, which can be accessed via a smartphone. Fashionable medical ID alert collection.

The digital enabled medical ID alert jewellery collection is made to order.

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