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Keeping you, as well as your loved one’s safe and secure!

Health Linkt provides immediate identification for anyone and is designed for people taking chronic medications, living with medical conditions, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Allergies, etc., providing key information to the person who found your loved one; first responders and hospital staff, allowing them to get in touch with the Next of Kin directly, the assigned alternative contact person, health practitioner and medical aid broker by scanning the Health Linkt QR code placed on the medical bracelet and medical card using a smartphone camera.

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Scan the QR Code identification plate.

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Self onboard the Health Linkt online profile. 

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Receive immediate notifications. 

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The Next of Kin will receive a GPS location bodied in the email notification of where the Health Linkt QR code was scanned if the person scanning the QR code shares their ‘Location Services’. 

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Interact with the with the next of kin, alternative contact, health practitioner with an interactive map, medical aid broker and view the immediate emergency bio.

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The online Health Linkt profile page loads without having to install an app from the iOS and Android stores. Furthermore; all new feature enhancements are automatically updated to your Health Linkt product.

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How to Get Started

After purchasing the Health Linkt product, follow the steps below to successfully activate the Health Linkt QR code and create the online Health Linkt profile page. 

Health Linkt Activation Steps Desktop GRF1
Health Linkt Activation Steps GRF1

If you need any assistance; please email the Elinkt team at or visit the help section below.

About the Online Health Linkt Profile

The online Health Linkt profile page is an interactive online medical alert page presenting key information; the page contains a profile picture, the person’s name, a list of unlimited medical conditions, blood type, organ donor, QR code reference number, interactive contact information for the Next of Kin, an alternative contact person, health practitioner and medical aid broker, which is all accessible by scanning the Health Linkt QR code using a smartphone or by entering the QR reference number on Elinkt’s homepage.

First responders and hospital staff can access the Health Linkt profile page directly from their smartphone, enabling them to view the medical conditions, call, SMS and WhatsApp the Next of Kin, get in touch with the assigned alternative contact, health practitioner or medical aid broker, all from the online Health Linkt profile page.

I Need Help

An email address will be required upon submitting a request for verification and feedback from the Elinkt team.